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Siceo Ltd

Siceo is a specialist IT Channel consultancy providing services to manufacturers, distributors and resellers in UK and Europe. We offer  hands-on, practical experience, backed by our extensive and intimate knowledge of European IT channels. We only use hand picked industry experts with proven track records,genuine delivery expertise in senior management and have a very hands on, results oriented approach to our clients.

The resulting breadth of experience we make available aggregates many years of practical experience and hands-on problem solving and this enables effective collaboration, thus reducing the need for "buying in" expertise as is common with some of the larger and less specific consultancy practices.

Our primary objective is to assist IT and Comms channels across Europe and advise and support global manufacturers seeking to enter or improve their European experience. We are experienced in achieving improved profitability, sustainable  organic growth and are often involved in preparation for acquisitions and disposals. The ongoing consolidation within the IT sector has enabled us to assist with several mergers and acquisitions and this in turn has forged significant relationships with players in the venture capital space, private equity investors and a range of banks and financial institutions who utilise our services in both identifying and evaluating opportunities. The current challenges for channel players will undoubtedly drive more consolidation andwe are experienced in finding opportunities for aggressive and well managed companies to take advantage of weakness in their competitors.

This ongoing consolidation activity in the sector also creates many management issues and structural problems with partners and we are involved in supporting board level initiatives which include:-

Product refocus and attendant support  strategies;

Post acquisition integration issues;

Executive evolution and selection;

Organic growth pains in young businesses;

Identifying and introducing new partnerships for ISVs;

Finance and refinancing opportunities;

Xaas opportunities;

Conflict resolution with partners.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss ways in which we could add value to your business with our personal, hands-on approach to our clients.

Please e mail us at ianfrench@siceo.co.uk or call 07771 778887


















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